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Printing Services

We are not an industrial printing company; instead, our focus is on smaller-scale, artisanal production. At our studio, much of the work is done by hand, making it ideal for personalized orders and small print runs.

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Riso Print

Riso is a digital stencil duplicator originating from Japan in the 1980s. Utilizing special spot color inks, it produces distinctive stencil paper prints. Renowned for its low-cost, sustainable nature, the Risograph appeals to those who appreciate high-quality, unique, tactile, and vibrant prints.

In the print house, you can find a one-drum A3 riso printer and 8 colour drums.

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Heat Press Printing

Our 30x25cm heat press is a handy tool designed to transfer your designs or graphics onto various substrates, primarily textiles such as T-shirts, hats, bags, and other fabric items.

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The vinyl cutting machine is a versatile tool designed for precise cutting of shapes, letters, or designs from vinyl material. It finds extensive use in various applications including crafts, signage, and commercial purposes such as creating stickers, decals, and heat transfers for apparel.

At our studio, we feature a compact cutter capable of handling materials up to 30cm wide.

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Block Print

We have a set of tools for linocut. Including tracing paper, lino, Pfeil knives, and an A4 graphic press.

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Screen Printing

At the Print House, we offer basic screen printing services, including a 1-color printing station.


Due to space constraints, we're unable to produce screens with emulsion in-house at the moment. However, we utilize a high-quality stencil vinyl and a cutter, enabling us to still provide printing services for t-shirts and tote bags.

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Add-on services

More info on the way...

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